(Left to Right:  Arles; Owner of Thirds Hot Chili Peppers,
Angela Tiotangco-Alvarez; Founder of Palawan Local Market
with Local Palawan Farmer )


Palawan Local Market  is our initiative to bring locally sourced fresh produce to the hands and tables of Filipinos. We aim to create a community that helps local farmers and suppliers promote and sell their produce on.

We ensure you that every purchase is a step closer to supporting our local farmers and producers. That is why we get our Local Produce from farm entrepreneurs (Javenri Farm, OTG Farms, Farm Teach) and individual farmer, Mr. Martin. 

Currently, we are an e-commerce website featuring proudly Palawan-grown produce and Palaweño-made products. We also have a directory that houses pure and authentic Palaweño brands with their different specialties.